The 9th Global Robot Science Camp in Japan

English / 日本語

1. Purpose

– Logical thinking ability through robot programming.
– Experience of various culture.
– Improvement for communication skills to work together and tell information

2. Overview

1) Participants
– Japanese 60 students
– Korea, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Malaysia,
Philippines : each 20 students and 2 teachers at most

2) Date and Venue
– Date: August.10 ~ August.13, 2018
– Venue: Kibougaoka Culture Park, Shiga Pref. Japan
(The venue will be Royal Oak Hotel only on the 12th.)

3) Age: 13~16

4) Organizer: The Association of the Global Science Education

5) Official Language: English

6) Payment: 40,000 JPY but Airplane & 2 lunches in Japan. (free another activities. ) Students are responsible to pay their own airfare and taxes on the flights
We described Payment: 40,000 JPY per student including bus in JAPAN, meals and stay fees, except for 1 lunch fee (August 11 lunch at KIX).That payment don’t include airfare and taxes.
*Japanese students payment is different from foreign students payment. Detail is here.

3. Program

1) Robot programming
To move the robot with 6 sensors as your intention.
To control the robot in various situations to explore the space with your robot.

2) Air Drone maneuver and image analysis
To operate Air Drone to utilize as a research or rescue robot.

3) Visiting Program
Uji Byodoin : The world’s cultural and natural heritage, Kyoto

4. Schedule and activities during this camp


Morning : Arrival at KIX(Kansai Airport) and lunch at KIX by themselves.
Afternoon : Move to Kibougaoka Culture Park by bus
after that, ice breaking
Evening : Robot Programing for Autonomous robot with 6 sensors. We will prepare one robot material and PC per two students.


Morning : Robot Programming workshop
Afternoon : Robot Programming workshop
Evening : Robot Programming workshop


Morning : Move to Royal Oak Hotel by bus and Air Drone Workshop
Afternoon :
Small-scale competitions of the Space Robot
A tour of Real Robot Exhibition
Evening : the Welcome Party at the Royal Oak Hotel (
Presentation of each country


Morning : Sightseeing of Kyoto or Shiga
Afternoon :
Move to KIX by bus and Departure from Japan

5. Contact
The Association of the Global Science Education

Contact Form is here

6. Application

One set of robot materials and software can be distributed to the desired country or educational institution in advance for free.
If you have travel and accommodation expenses from Japan, you can also consider dispatching trainers.

Application Form is here