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It is possible to teach in the field for several days as long as you can cover the air fare and accommodation expenses for two people. *We prepare all robot teaching materials free of charge.

Practice example in Australia.


To promote human education and human resources development through science fostering abilities necessary for studying both sciences and arts.
In response to a growing social demand for science education, the JAFS has engaged in activities to promote human education and human resources development, using experience- and experiment-oriented contents.

Promotion of equal science education opportunities
We ensure that all children, whether living in urban areas or remote areas, can receive the same quality of science education. In classes, experimental tools are prepared for all the participants.

Provision of sustainable programs and contents
Human resources cannot be fostered only through events. We offer curricula in which children can develop their abilities to resolve issues through trial and error and gain a sense of achievement. Support is also provided for establishing related clubs.

Dispatch and development of instructors
School teachers and parents can also participate in experience-oriented science classes conducted by JAFS instructors at school.We promote the creation of a science education environment in which instructors and veterans are always available, as in the case of baseball and soccer.


To promote human education and human resources development through science

Science is required of all the present-day jobs. It is thought that science education is important in all the countries.
Global is to collaborate with those who differ in a sense of values or culture.
Science is to measure things objectively, to analyze logically and to persuade people.

Realization of a High-quality Science Class Anywhere in Japan and any countries.

Equipment for experiments is provided for every pair of students, so that they can develop their communication skills and abilities to identify problems and resolve them at their own pace.
We can provide equipment for experiments for elementary school students without a science museum in their immediate area in the country side.

Materials for Robot Class

Both of knowledge and experience are needed to understand. It's possible to learn the technology used for smart phone such as Bluetooth and image recognition. Children can make a program with a c language in approximately one year.

International Science and Technology Junior Contest.

Robo Cup Junior

They learn the logical thinking and technology with self controlled robots not remote controlled. The world championship competition is held every year. and about 40 countries participate in it. This is a very exciting science experience for growing human resources.

Space Robot Contest

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology support

The self controlled robot contest done with the theme of the lunar base construction robot making.
Not only the performance of the robot but also an interview and presentation are estimated.

International Science Camp

Both of knowledge and experience are needed to understand.

The communication power is fed with one set for 2 people by making an experiment. It'll be the contents with which the communication power through gaining scientific knowledge on it with overseas children, too is fed like a picture.
It's very important to give the chance to use all things which are being learned to students.

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A business administrators, managers and self-governing body staffs are also greatly interested in our activities.

Practice example in Australia.

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・Construction of a network with educational facilities all over the world.
・Authorization of an international organization etc.(for example :UNESCO)
・The facilitators in science activities and the players of science competitions.
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